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Why Life Coaching?

With the everyday pressures on all fronts, people often feel stressed out. They need help to vent out their feelings, and here, a life coaching may be of great help. The role of a life coach is different than that of a counselor. Life coaching is more about helping you to find your aims rather than on advising about it. cFA LEVERAGE SPEAKER1 300x246 Why Life Coaching?

Not everyone can assume the role of a life coach. You need to find a person who has some experience in life coaching. A life coach will try to help you identify your inner self and your goals by asking you questions. He helps you channelize your thoughts in to right direction, so that you achieve your goals. A life coach does not assume the role of a mentor, rather he works with you hand in hand to guide you and pull you out of the stressful situation.

Areas where life coaching have shown great results

Life coaching can give fantastic results in all walks of life. Some of the areas where a life coach can help are:

  • Choosing the right career path based on your interests and aptitudes
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Finding the right education opportunity
  • Managing stress-mental, physical, emotional or work related
  • Relationship management- Family, parents and children, between the partners and so forth

The list could be extended to include several other areas. However, before selecting a life coaching service for you, you need to look at the experience and expertise of the life coach before you entrust him your problems.

Some of the coaches talk to you in person, while others may prefer communicating through chats, email or on phone. Therefore, you must ask the coach about the mode of communication before hiring their services. You also need to confirm the number of sessions with the life coach.

If you are in Nigeria and feel stuck on an issue, it is best to select a Nigerian coach, since he may be better equipped to under the problems you are facing.

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Influence of Motivational Speeches

Words can make or mar a person, it is said. Motivational speeches can go a long way in boosting the morale of your team and in improving performance. Be it a battle field, soccer, hockey or cricket, you’ve heard the success stories of how the teams are motivated by their coaches. Similarly, when you are [...]

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How a Launderer’s Sloppiness Fired Drycleaner’s Dream :- Fashion and style.

WQ Dry Cleaners office  Wallington   Young, ambitious and raring to go in an environment that seems to offer very little and expect too much, Bright Aikpitanyi, the brain behind WQ Dry Cleaners, is an example of what could be when dreams are kept aflame, writes Shaka Momodu The journey within His foray into the laundry [...]

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The Role and Importance of Motivational Speakers

motivation speakers

Welcome back from the Easter holiday, hope you had a great time? I took sometime over this holiday to share my experience with a group of people. At the end they were so motivated that they would not let me go. This is my motivation for writing today’s blog post. Do you know how the [...]

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Mentoring and Coaching- What they do for you?

  Keyword: Mentoring and Coaching Mentoring and Coaching have a different meaning. While mentoring is done on personal, one to one basis and could be informal in nature, coaching is formal training imparted to students. However, both mentoring and coaching have a common goal to improve the efficiency and productivity. A mentor could generally be [...]

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